Nenad Muštra , Voditelj projekata at ČERNELIĆ D.O.O.


Bilateral Meetings

  • 07.03.2014 Friday (11:00 am - 02:00 pm)

Tvrtka se bavi cjelovitim rješenjima za organizaciju i dizajnersko oblikovanje prostora, te opremanjem i uređenjem interijera.

Country: Croatia

Organization Type: Company

Email: nenad.mustra@cernelic.hr

City: Zagreb ,Vlaška 39. Google map

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Offer & Request

Croatian company providing interior design solutions for hotels, homes, companies, etc.

My name is Nenad Muštra and I am a Sales Manager of the Černelić Ltd. Company, Zagreb, Croatia, region Dalmatia and South Croatia, which provides complete project solutions for interior design, furnishing and decorating. We are interested in business co-operation on the different project you may have in future, anywhere in Europe, any time when you have a needs for equipping your private business, residential, hotels, catering, public or residential spaces.

What is important to point about Černelić Ltd. is that our project approach is unique for every job we do and that includes: production of designed custom furniture, delivery and assembly of any type furniture system partitions - fixed or movable, control systems acoustics of the room, floor coverings, associated equipment, wood, wall coverings, doors and so on.
That means that we are able to handle and produce any project, regardless of its size.