Andrija Frinčić , Direktor, suosnivač at Implementacija snova d.o.o.


Bilateral Meetings

  • 07.03.2014 Friday (11:00 am - 02:00 pm)

Implementacija snova is a small software development company from Zagreb. We are developing super cool web and mobile applications, making it possible for small and medium companies to improve their business, by using all the pros of modern technologies, from CRM to integration of social networks in their (business) applications.

Apart from offering our services to others, we develop our own applications. The first is our little hero, DaShef, who develops his super powers each day. He uses his super powers to help restaurants and hotels offer a new and unforgettable experience to their guests, an experience they'll share with their friends, acquaintances, business colleagues and family

Country: Croatia

Organization Type: Company

Phone: +385 95 2022033

Email: andrija@implementacija-snova.hr

City: Zagreb ,Božidara Magovca 54 Google map


Software development

We are small software developing company specialized in software development for hospitality and truism. We are offering our knowledge to a interested partners around a world. We are building your dreams.



We are searching for a partners around a world that will offer digital menus based on our platform on local market.